The Gaming Laptop Of A Wealthy, Wasteful Future

Gaming on a laptop? It's hardly ideal. But that's going off the hardware limitations of 2008! By the distant future, who knows what gaming on a laptop will be like. Might even be like this.

Kyle Cherry is the man behind this gaming laptop concept, and we like it because it just does not fuck around. No sleek lines or compact form to be found here; instead, Kyle has thrown three folding OLED screens (that combine to form a 26" display) atop a base that, with handle, is about the size of a vanilla Macbook.

As of today, this just can't be done, and at that size probably won't ever be done, but if you're going to dream (and put those dreams to paper), you may as well dream big.

Three-OLED-Screened, 28-Inch Gaming Laptop Sure is a Nice Idea [Gizmodo]


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