The Witcher On Consoles Will Get DLC And Just Generally Be Awesomer

CD Projekt RED have confirmed that the console port of ace PC RPG The Witcher will be propped up with some choice DLC and come with a host of improvements to boot.

In fact, if CD Projekt's Tom Ohle is to be believed (and why shouldn't he be?) to call The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf a port is to do it a disservice.

"We're not just slapping together a port and are actually making a game built from the ground up to be an amazing console RPG," said Ohle, "We've gone back and motion-captured a lot more combat animations for the new combat actions, like parries, counter-attacks, enhanced evasion, special attacks, etc. We're also enhancing the enemy AI to make them more aggressive and perform a wide range of offensive and defensive actions to make the combat a bit more action-oriented."

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Q&A — Console DLC Confirmed! [GameCyte]


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