These Are EA's Quality Games Of 2008

EA CEO John Riccitiello proudly boasted of his company's improving quality this week, the good news that came with the financially bad. Seventeen EA games racked up Metacritic averages of 80 or higher. Which ones?

Rock Band 2 currently has the best score of the bunch, a group harvested by MTV Multiplayer so you (and we) don't have to. You'll find the expected stuff — Madden NFL 09, Dead Space, Spore — but you won't find one of Electronic Arts' biggest risks. No, Mirror's Edge didn't make the cut, and just barely. That score of 50 from BigPond GameArena probably had something to do with it.

We hope you've learned a valuable lesson about striving for quality and new IP, EA. Stop trying to showboat with all your "effort" and "dedication" to "improvement." We don't like yer kind!

These Are The 17 EA Games That Critics Really Liked In 2008, With One Glaring Omission [MTV Multiplayer]


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