This PETA Game Is More Fun Than The REAL Madonna

Oh no, a politically-motivated flash game! Decry it, kids, decry it! Before you do, though, realise that Holiday Snowball Fight lets you attack zombified Olsen twins, Sarah Palin and the grinning corpse herself, Madonna.

Holiday Snowball Fight


    LOL at PETA, they think that people are really going to stop eating animals, by playing violent flash games?
    Someone should email them some Happy Tree Friends episodes.

    I love the guy who registered the 'people eating tasty animals' domain.

    Thanks so much for the blog! We think it's more fun than Madonna too. :) You can check out our other recent game, Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals here:

    To the commenter above me, throwing snowballs at celebrities who don't care about animals doesn't seem particularly violent to me.

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