Throw Up The Horns For This Brutal Legend Trailer

Surprisingly flat performance by Jack Black aside, this trailer should do little to stop metal/Double Fine fans from exciting themselves into an early grave. Can't get enough of that Doouubbbllee Fiiinneeee!!!! intro.


    DOUBLE FIIIINNNEE!!! Oh man I lol'd at that. I bet they got Jack Black to yell that, sounds like his voice.

    This game looks epic. I mean, I read you rescue a bunch of slaves forced to work in mines filled with car and motorcycle parts, you ride around on a giant fire-breathing daemon dog, fighting giant lampreys and massive chrome spiders! This game is a metalhead's dream, and I'm really excited that Jack Black is on board.

    Plus the game itself looks hilarious and FUN, something we need more of in this age of 'teh hardcorez' gaming.

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