Tony Hawk Says Next Tony Hawk 'More Realistic, More Interactive'

After the disappointing Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, Activision gave the series a much needed sabbatical, thanks to accrued vacation time. Hawk says the series will return in next Fall with a "whole new direction."

He tells the LA Times that he and the unspecified developer are creating "a new type of game," which Hawk says is "a real departure" and that he's been "even more involved in this one than I have been in the last five games."

We've heard this before, but not from Tony Hawk. Leaks from the marketing firms and execs running at the mouth have hinted at a motion controlled, hands-free Tony Hawk skateboarding game. Hawk calls it "way more realistic and way more interactive" than previous entries.

We're thinking this won't just be limited to the Wii Balance Board, but something else entirely. Activision does love its peripherals and a dedicated Tony Hawk's Pro Skater controller no longer sounds like a risky venture.

Tony Hawk at 40: Still skating, making games and, now, re.gifting fruitcakes [LA Times]


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