U.S. Army Invades Second Life

You know the United States Army is hard up for recruits when they start poking around in the unicorn-filled virtual world of Linden Labs' Second Life.

The Army will be setting up two islands in the virtual world. One is a recruiting centre with information and means to contact the recruiting office in case players feel so inclined, and the other will be filled with activities like parachuting and rappelling with weapons, both of which are activities players can already perform in SL, only afterwards you can go and relax at a dance club dressed as Optimus Prime with a unicorn for a penis.

"Over the next 30 to 45 days you might, if you're one of them Second Life avatar dudes, that likes to go populate islands within Second Life, you will find an Army island in Second Life," Gen. William S. Wallace, the commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), said during a presentation at the 26th Army Science Conference.

"Second Life avatar dudes"? This is obviously a man who is in touch with the pulse of America's young men and women from 15 years ago.

Trust me General, this is not a place to find people to defend your country. Not only is there a huge population from countries not exactly pleased with the U.S., any able-bodied men you might find are only interested in the type of hand-to-hand combat you might find during a romantic tryst with a sexy avatar piloted by a woman in her late 30's to mid-40's.

I'd daresay that a large portion of the populace of Second Life will resent such an intrusion, as most people that spend the majority of their time in the game are there to escape real-world concerns.

Army Builds Fantasy Island in Second Life
[Wired Blogs]


    What, has the US burned through it's supply of muscleheaded jocks? Wouldn't be surprised with their blatant disregard for the threat IED's pose. Someone give me a figure on how many THOUSAND humvee's they've gone through (which are completely and totally useless against IED's) and how many footsoldiers have been pink-misted by IED's placed so precisely that they can nail two soldiers with two bombs hooked to the one tripwire? How about switching up the patrol spacing a little eh? Or we can feed a few Second-Lifers into the meat grinder, yeah that'll work!

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