Warhammer Online 1.1 Goes Live Today

Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning sees it's first major content update today with patch 1.1, delivering new tanks, player statues, and a host of new improvements that just plain make the game better.

Along with the previously mentioned player statues and the introduction of tank classes for Order and Dark Elf races, the patch also brings several mechanic additions and improvements that should make things go a bit more smoothly for players. The addition of a Main Assist mechanic should make sticking to your tank's target much easier, while the addition of one easy mode Player Quest in each chapter of tier one so solo players don't have to rely on playing well with others. Perhaps of the most interest to me is the addition of Influence rewards in open RVR areas, which just so happen to be my favourite places to be. Hit the link for the full details on patch 1.1, or just log on around 1PM and see for yourself.

News From the Front: Patch 1.1a Has Arrived! [Warhammer Online Herald]


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