Warhammer Online Celebrates Holidays With Beer

Mythic Entertainment has announced details on their beer-soaked year-ending holiday event, inviting players to take part in the Dwarven New Year's festival of Keg End.

As expected from our tiny, bearded friends, Keg End is all about beer, beer, and more beer. Players can hunt for the legendary Golden Stein to receive it's blessing, defeat special snotlings and ogres to gain explosive brews, or fluster their enemies with the new /boast emote, with rewards to be gained for doing it just right. There are special items to be won as well, such as a new title (The Drunkard), a special stein trophy, or an Elite reward called The Last Keg, which returns the owner to the city pub - Dwarven ingenuity at its finest. Players should also keep an eye out for The Battlebrew Backpack, a rare world drop (pictured) that makes for a very convenient way to completely destroy your liver.

Festivities run from December 17th to January 5th. Try not to get to drunk to remember.

WAR Live Event: Keg End [Warhammer Herald]


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