Warren Spector Getting Mousy With ‘Epic Mickey’?

Warren Spector Getting Mousy With ‘Epic Mickey’?

Game designer Warren Spector, of Thief, Deus Ex and System Shock fame, may have a new muse in Mickey Mouse. A report from Gamasutra says Spector’s working on a “steampunk”-styled game currently codenamed Epic Mickey.

Gamasutra writes that it has seen concept art and other details on the title, now in development at Spector’s own Junction Point Studios, which was acquired by Disney in 2007. Their description of the environmental artwork certainly sounds in line with Spector’s style.

As the report points out, EGM’s Quartermann-penned rumour column placed Spector on a Disney licensed platformer starring Mickey Mouse earlier this year.

Scoff if you want at the concept of Spector squandering his talent on a Mickey Mouse game, but go play Castle of Illusion for the Genesis before you do so.

Report: Spector’s Junction Point Working On ‘Epic Mickey’ Title? [Gamasutra]

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