Washington Post Joins Sony Defence Force

Sony's PlayStation 3 sales for November weren't just down year-over-year, they invited a surprising amount of mainstream vitriol, with CNN claiming that the console was "dying on the shelves."

The Washington Times wasn't any kinder, questioning whether Sony was actually "sabotaging" the PlayStation 3 market. Sony's response to PlayStation sales last month was upbeat as expected, but do these folks have a point? Is the PlayStation 3 already a lame duck, desperately in need of "deep price cuts"?

The Washington Post, however, isn't as gloomy about the PS3's performance... and its future. It theorises — via careful numbers selection — that the downtick in sales of Sony's current gen console could be chalked up to a shorter Black Friday shopping period. Last year, it was eight days on the NPD calendar; this year just two.

WaPo also takes issue with CNN's claims that the PS3 "just doesn't have any must-have titles exclusive to the console," pointing out (on the verge of fanboyish listing) exclusives like Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, Valkyria Chronicles and Resistance. Yes, those are all great games, but shouldn't the rule that if you build it, they will come apply here?

Is Sony's PS3 Really a Sinking Ship? [Washington Post]


    Its because it has no HALO.

    Theres alot of fanboys that bash the ps3 and its games that havent even played half of the games.

    I thought it was because the machine needs at least an AU$300 price cut? When you have a castrated XB360 (i.e. no HDD) for under $300 and a PS3 for $700, what will Joe Consumer go for? Doesn't Sony remember how to fight dirty? They've lost all the steam they had back in the 32-bit era where they trounced my precious Saturn. Get aggressive, help out developers so the machine isn't such a pain to program for, lower your RRP and encourage more Japanese development on retail releases and PSN. Seems like a pretty straight-forward theory to me :P

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