Watch The First Shaky-Cam Minutes Of Killzone 2

Newsgroups247 has uploaded some shaky cam footage of the first nine minutes or so of Sony's Killzone 2, direct from the floor of the Asia Game Show 2008.

I've gone ahead and lovingly nestled the video towards the bottom of the post for those of you who'd rather experience the intro themselves but cannot fight the compulsion to hit play on a video box whenever they see it. For those of you worried about too much being revealed, the sound is muffled enough and the text so small that you really aren't going to spoil much outside of what you see visually.

While I haven't watched the whole thing, I did catch enough to subtract points for the obligatory seeing your character in the mirror as the game begins shot. A very small amount of points, nowhere near enough to keep me from buying the game on day one, but points nonetheless.


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