'We Are Sorry About The Lots of Boobs Set'

Pure postal embarrassment. Members of erotic game maker AKABEi SOFT2's fan club who ordered a set of boob-shaped mousepads got a surprised in the mailbox.

The brown box the ¥15,000 (US$166) set of boob mousepads were packaged in was hardly discreet: The outside read, "Oppai ga ippai set" or "Lots of boobs set" in English. Just the kind of thing discerning customers would want the postal workers or, better yet, their family to see. AKABEi SOFT2 has issued an apology:

We are very sorry for any trouble or problems caused to our customers who used the mail order service and are truly embarrassed by what has happened. The entire company would like to apologise to all our customers.

We kindly ask for your forgiveness.

This calls for a "Lots of apologises set." But don't write that on the box!

ファンクラブ通販ご利用の方へお知らせ [AKABEi SOFT2 via 痛いニュース]


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