WeeP5: Badass Case, Same Old Rate of Fire

When Nintendo says it puts more smiles on more faces, I'm sure it's not including the maniacal grin one must get blasting away raving Rabbids with this gangsta MP5 mod.

User THeOReos joined Instructables on Christmas day just to show us how to put this bad bastard together. Disappointed with the variety of gun cases available for the Wiimote, he assembled his own using "an old air-soft MP5." He says it took three days to assemble, which sounds easy. But I have trouble with IKEA's assembly instructions for illiterates, so I still brand this (and any other mod project) a "difficult" with the attendant warning not to fuck up your Nintendo hardware unless you know what you're doing.

Also, gotta love the placement of the weapon next to the loving family pictures. I hope that's his wedding at left and his wife at right.

WeeP5 Advanced Zapper [Instructables via TheTanooki]


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