What Do Some Japanese Commenters Think Of Faith From Mirror's Edge?

Yes. This. Again. We posted a fan-made reworking of Mirror's Edge protagonist, Faith. The character was designed by Westerners, and the fan-made image was not. There were obvious differences in aesthetics.


    lolz at:
    "If you really sit and think about it, in America, Lucy Liu is an angel, right?"


    "But foreigners think slant eyes are sexy."

    I love this topic. Oh god.

    Different cultures have different ideals of beauty. Even when we look at people of different cultures we judge them differently than their own cultural group.

    As far as how this works where I come from (Sydney) I've had this conversation with asian guys i know and they agree that white guys like asian girls that lots of asian guys find to be only average. The asian guys i know go for the petite girlish ones, not too skinny. The white guys go for the louder and often the taller ones. Just seems to be a thing. We were sitting at the pub, commenting discreetly on the talent and yeah there was a real discrepancy between which girls each race liked... and the asian guys liked white girls we thought were average.

    All the guys present, asian or honky were able to agree on one thing. This was all good because it pushed the average number of available attractive women for each individual man upwards. Viva la difference!

    Hey, if they're happy to re-write WW2 textbooks and confuse hunting with 'scientific research', what's a little cosmetic surgery between cultures?

    So I read all the comments here and from game spark and figured I should do my own version of this image: http://e.imagehost.org/0926/azas_faith.jpg
    I took the original and the edit and combined them, she has the normal chest and the edits face but with some minor tweaks. Think this one would appeal to everyone? lol

    In the game, Faith is about 24 years old. That is what the average adult looks like. The second looks like a fourteen year old but with large breasts. Her eyes are 'too' asian, because she is indeed quite asian. Her face looks aggressive because she is in the process of punching somebody in the face. It's not an asian stereotype, an asian could actually look like that; however the average asian does not typically wear makeup, clothes or hair like that. That is not the image most people has in their mind when they think of asian. And whomever mentions the protagonist towards being ugly, I swear and will not lie to you, it isn't necessary to jerk of to the of video game, and there are probably better things to do such.

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