What Star Wars: Battlefront III Might Have Looked Like

With Free Radical Design having effectively kicked the bucket, shedding most of its workforce and desperately seeking buyers, here come the leaks. We've already seen what Timesplitters 4 might have looked like—how about Battlefront III?

High poly-count renders and in-game meshes from the third Star Wars: Battlefront were leaked by one of Free Radical's former animators, revealing a partial look at who's in the game and what they look like.

Appearances from Star Wars regulars like Han Solo, Chancellor Palpatine and the Jawas look to join newcomers like Shara the Bounty Hunter and the Kimanoans, the forgettable long-necked alien species from the similarly forgettable Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

The renders, via SWBF3.de and the artist's various web sites, are dated from the end of 2007, so much could have changed during that time period. Whether Star Wars: Battlefront III will change even further at its rumoured new home at Rebellion, remains to be seen.


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