What Was Your 2008 Highlight?

'Tis the season to, well, start making lists of your favourite games of the year, of course. But we're not going to do that just yet here at Kotaku AU. Instead, we want to hear about your favourite gaming moment from 2008.

Describe for us your in-game highlight. Why was it so special? What emotions did it elicit? Why did it affect you in a way no other game could manage?

Remember, this isn't about the best game you played, it's about the single best moment you experienced.

Send your entry to [email protected] and we'll be posting the best write-ups over the coming weeks before Xmas.


    wow, going to have to stretch my brain to pick just one.
    Most recently R2's introduction of the Chameleon really impressed me (http://ihavetheprincess.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/my-weekend-in-gaming-resistance-2-impressions), but I'm sure I can think back to a GTAIV moment that easily trumps it.

    Oh, and that's one awesome surname you have David.

    LBP... Hands down.

    When I discovered garrysmod.

    Prince of Precia...
    Harry Potter
    Unreal Tournament

    LBP... Hands down. It would be hard to pick just one moment, because as soon as I started the single player story, I knew this was something very special. Remember the first time you played Super Mario? I do... and I won't forget the first time I played LBP... I don't ever remember laughing out loud this much while I played any game. Playing online with random Sackpeople, jumping into newly discovered user created levels. making your first "robot, demon, monster", and watching flap around because you didn't stick its arm on right. Priceless. I get that same feeling every time I play it.

    Cheers, I think it's a pretty awesome surname, too.

    I'd have to say none, no game this year has really "gripped" me at all.

    I've played many good games, some very hard and challenging, and others just fun and entertaining, but nothing really struck me as being amazing. Even after all the sunshine that got blasted up MGS4 and GOW2, they were still just the same as their predecessors, however just a new experience, with some added features to boot.

    If I had to pick one, it would have to be Unchartered. That game took the third person action/adventure genre and completely dominated it, and the sales figures in no way reflect the quality of the game.

    Actually now that I think of it, the scene in GTAIV where Nico shoots Vladmir in the eye, and you are granted with the achievement "Feeding the Fish". That was awesome, Nico's rage was acted out really well, and the satisfaction felt after icing the fat Russian douche was profound !

    Well that's all from me.


    I'd say Braid. I remember finishing it and for days later thinking about the story and how deep it was. Then a few months later, picked it up again and got all the secret stars and learned the true meaning behind the story and again I was blown away.

    Plus controlling time kicks ass.

    The Shadow Moses Act of Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Never before has a game delivered such emotional weight based on its narrative history. I truly came close to weeping for Snake during that whole Act.

    The ending of Farcry 2. Despite the poor story, and fact that it could have been executed so much better, I was completely suprised by it, after having come to expect poor unfinished endings in lieu of a cash cow sequel, I fully expected them to weasel out of it. Even more so since it was an Ubisoft game, and I was expecting an Assassins Creed like inconclusive ending/fiasco.

    My favourite moment was when I headed into downtown Washington DC in Fallout 3, and a message flashed up on the screen, "You have discovered Chevy Chase" I was so excited!
    Of course, this swiftly turned into my worst moment when I realised it was referring to the name of the neighbourhood, and in actual fact I hadn't inadvertently stumbled upon Clark W Griswold on some sort of post-apocalyptic family vacation. *sigh*

    my best gaming of the year has come from the game that just keeps on giving... Team Fortress 2. new weapons, achievements, maps, game modes and best of all The Sandvitch. thanks Valve

    There were a few moments this year.

    The wolves howling and carrying off Crying Wolf's comatose body in MGS4. Never had a game cause me to reach for the tissues like that.

    Starting LBP for the first time. My girlfriend sat there spellbound when I first played it. She didn't even want to pick up a controller (she thought it was entertaining enough just watching). Very few games have made me laugh so much.

    Getting betrayed in GTA IV. Didn't see it coming and it made me put the controller down for days. Probably should have seen it coming (all the signs are obvious on the 2nd play through), but never had a plot twist take me by surprise as much as that one did.

    Not an in game moment but the announcement of FF13 for xbox is it for me. Nobody saw that coming.

    Mine would have been when my most anticipated and expectedly 8/10 games of the year - Fallout 3, Dead Space, Far Cry 2 and Fable 2 - started getting 9/10s or even better. 2008 was a wholly meh yeah for me, it would have been for anyone not a GTA fan. But it was a great finale for 360 owners.

    Been looking forward to left 4 dead on the pc for ages, and it didn't fail to impress. Just great fun co-op and also totally unexpectedly great fun multiplayer.

    Though it's kind of recycled from '07, the first time I took down a Big Daddy and rescued a Little Sister in Bioshock on PS3.

    The first time a jeep full of NPCs charged at me in Far Cry 2.

    Picking up the sticks and belting out 'Beat It' in GHWT.

    GTA IV from start to finish and the several dozen hours in between.

    The very f'kin second I ejected Iron Man from my console and tossed that bastard away.

    The "would you kindly" cutscene in Bioshock was just thrilling and stands out as *the* kickass moment of 2008.

    Frantically running backwards trying to flee a molotoved Tank in L4D and having it die just before I run backwards into a dead end.

    definitely first steps out of the vault

    In addition to my first entry to The Editor, I'd have to include the first time I defeated a Big Daddy, approached a Little Sister and saved her. The stunning string arrangement that plays as she's renewed really tugged on my own heart strings.

    Playing Gears of War 2 and seeing my girlfriend cry when Dom finds Maria.

    Accidently stumbling across a Super Mutant Behemoth in Fallout 3, low on health and ammo, switching to VATS in a poor attempt to take it down with an assault rifle, only to have the 'Mysterious Stranger' show up and gun him down for me :)

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