Which of these NXE Avatars is the Fugliest?

Hawty McBloggy is holding a vote, open until midnight Monday, to select the Fugliest NXE Avatar from these seven butt-fugly candidates. You're well past the deadline to submit yours, but you can still be heard!

Me, I'd pick No. 4, who looks like the Cat Lady went to prison and got a skullface tattoo. No. 5, also uglier than a bag of assholes, and No. 3, just as ugly, except with polyps. Seven is just "uglier than a fart in church" ugly, but six looks like somebody set fire to its face and beat it out with a rake. Go vote over there, then share your choices, and "uglier than" putdowns in our comments.

Rocking the Fugliest NXE Avatar Vote [Hawty McBloggy]


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