Wii Is A 'Viable Platform' For Mature Games, Says Take-Two

Mature games? On the Wii? From Take-Two? With over 15 million of the things in the United States, you better believe the publisher has dollar signs in its eyes. But what kind of "mature" content?

While Take-Two CEO Ben Feder says that some of the company's "best content really isn't appropriate for the Wii" with some 3 million Carnival Games titles floating about, that "appropriateness" is up for debate. The 2K Sports brand, for example, is totally appropriate and Take-Two is "looking at the Wii as a potential platform."

"Even the M-rated content that we think is much more appropriate for the PlayStation 3 or 360, we have to look at the Wii as a viable platform content across all our labels," Feder said during today's earnings call "because you can't ignore the install base. You just can't."

You know, Ben, Manhunt 2 probably falls under "less appropriate" for Nintendo's console, so what's changed? Oh, two million more Wiis last month, we bet.


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