Wireless Controller Helps Recover Stolen 360

A Missouri State student came back to his dorm to find his Xbox 360 stolen. Realising the controller still connected when turned it on, he set out to find the console. And he did.

This is probably the only set of circumstances in which this would work — 360 stolen, thief lives 30 feet away, that's only gonna happen in a college dorm. But credit to Ryan Ketsenberg for using some critical thinking and old fashioned sleuthing to get his stuff back and bust a thief.

According to The Standard (newspaper of Missouri State):

Ketsenburg, who lives in Hutchens House, said that after his Xbox was stolen, he turned on his wireless Xbox controller and found that it was still connecting to his Xbox. Based on this discovery, Ketsenburg said he realised that his Xbox must be nearby, he said.

The controller connected to the Xbox on the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of Hutchens but not on the third floor and seventh floor, so through process of elimination, Ketsenburg said he figured out that the stolen Xbox must be on the fifth floor.

Following the controller's signal, Ketsenburg said he was able to pinpoint the room where his Xbox was stolen.

The Xbox 360 wireless controller has a 30-foot range, according to the Xbox Web site. When looking for his Xbox, Ketsenburg said the light-emitting diodes of the controller flashed when he was out of range.

The 5th floor resident assistant checked the alleged room where the stolen Xbox was and was able to find the Xbox, Ketsenburg said.

Best part? They recovered the console before the thief got home to notice it was now missing from his dorm. Payback's a bitch!

Ketsenberg said his hard drive was formatted, so he's really upset about that. But then again, he got his console back. And he's not the one who's (presumably) getting kicked out of school.

Student Uses Technology to Find Stolen Xbox [The Standard of Missouri State, thanks tipster Shawn S.]


    Ughhh I hate thieves. Whoever did this deserves a boot to the head and to be tossed out of school. Any idiot can get a part time job and be able to afford an x-box in a couple of weeks, it's not that hard.

    Wow, thats something! Thank goodness he got it back thanks to the help of the controller.

    It's more likely that this guy stole the controller from the "thief's" room and fabricated the story to get himself back an Xbox. It's far easier to steal a controller then to steal a whole Xbox and leave the controller. The RA has no right to take something from someone's room, especially in the event of an alleged theft, without a police theft report being taken and the police on site. It could be that the RA is now involved as an inadvertent accomplice in the real theft.

    2 wrongs don't make a right. Sounds like he pulled an OJ!!!!!

    I'll assume that the kid did own up to stealing the 360. I'm just curious as to why that kid with the controller didn't stop to think that maybe his controller was connecting to someone else 360. He's lucky he didn't get busted stealing from an innocent person. It's not like controllers are programed to only work on one set console

    You're probably just the butthurt original thief, aren't you Kaos?

    Uh, not to be a dick, but Nukarac, that IS how it works. Each controller syncs up to one console at a time. To switch consoles, you have to sync it (which is quite annoying) by pressing a button on the system and controller simultaneously. The controller only works on one Xbox at a time, in this case, his original one.

    "It's not like controllers are programed to only work on one set console"

    Yeah actually, they are. Since they're a Bluetooth device you have to pair them by pressing a hidden button on the controller then on the Xbox. So until you re-pair the controller, it will only work with the Xbox you paired it with.

    Kaos is once again, proving my theory that the internet is full of morons and assholes.

    See, I'm assuming the victim had registered his Xbox. Therefore, he had his personal information on file with Microsoft. Not to mention, the theif's roommate would probably wonder where his broke ass got the xbox out of nowhere. And the fact that he not only had a new xbox out of nowhere, but also 30 games (I'm guessing he took the games and not just the console) when he couldn't afford the unit the week before.

    See, there is always more to the story than fits in a 7 sentence blurb. Just use your brain. Maybe you should turn off the vidia games and get the fuck off my lawn!

    i like eggs

    Maybe the drive was formatted, or MAYBE.... IT WASN'T *HIS* XBOX!

    @ those that think the story is a scam: I would suggest you look up Occam's razor and look at The Hoff's post. The reality is that it would be easier for the thief to just steal the stuff, because the person he scammed out of an xbox would have a chance to defend himself. At that point, he gets a bunch of people to vouch for the fact that he did indeed have an xbox.

    To anyone thinking he might have stolen the controller and fabricated the story of the theft:

    Try clicking on the link to the actual article and reading it. Not only does it mention that he reported the incident to the local police department, it also states that he provided sufficient proof to the resident assistant and supervisor that the XBox belonged to him.

    Who steals an xbox but leaves the controller behind? This guy deserved it for being stupid.


    haha ya that's right Kyhan. I totally forgot about that. :)

    Boogles actually the 360 controllers are 2.4Ghz wireless not bluetooth. They work just like phone handsets paired to their base. The PS3 uses bluetooth...

    I cant believe this article came from a college level newspaper, the writing is atrocious.

    "checked the alleged room where the stolen Xbox was and was able to find the Xbox, Ketsenburg said."

    "Ketsenburg said he realised that his Xbox must be nearby, he said."

    Ah the tragedy of an education in the bible belt.

    Wow, Wilthepill, you're right. I didn't even realize how awful the English was until you pointed it out...

    But after all, it is Missouri State.

    I had someone steal my Xbox 360 when I was in college. Luckily, the school registers all of the MAC addresses for the purpose of letting Xbox Live connections through the university firewall. When the dumbass tried to get online with it they could immediately see what room he was in.

    Wilthepill - Wow, you sound like a pretentious, judgmental Yankee asshole. How very typical of you to judge someone and have the audacity to insinuate you're better because of the geographical location you were born/raised. You yank's sure do know how to stick your foot in your mouth. Respect is what you've lost. Something that it would seem only the south is still capable of. I'd prefer a gram of respect over an ounce of intelligence any day of the week. That's just my personal preference, though.

    Bill, don't be a kiss ass.

    lol @ dtrain24. I like eggs too.

    David you're a douche bag

    Everyone who commented is a douchebag including myself.

    Wow Bob, feeling a bit hypocritical today?

    Take it easy, man. Relax, you'll live longer. Understand that Wilthpell was probably joking and if not, he didn't need to be called out anyway. It's just the internet.

    and Missouri's hardly the South

    wow thats awesome being able to backtrack to the 360 that way, too bad theres not a whole lot of other things that you can find like that in case something different is taken...

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