WSJ: Is Disney Going After EA?

Last month, the Wall Street Journal offered Disney the following sage advice: "Buy Electronic Arts." According to the WSJ's "Heard on the Street" column, Disney might be doing just that.

The WSJ reported yesterday that Disney's CFO Tom Staggs may be looking at someone exactly like EA for a future acquisition. Staggs didn't come right out and say it, reports the Motley Fool, instead hinting that a "strategic and attractive" purchase would be "a possibility."

It's not close to confirmation, but when Wall Street Journal editors ask "Is Walt Disney Co. preparing a bid for Electronic Arts?" they're probably not asking for their health.

With EA's stock down more than 25% since the original suggestion by WSJ, even if EA's not looking "attractive" it's looking a hell of a lot like more of a bargain. Plus, they've got Brütal Legend now. What company in its right mind would pass on Brütal Legend?

Oh... right.

5 Reasons Disney Should Buy Electronic Arts [Motley Fool]


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