Yahtzee Damages Games, With Friends, In Front of a Camera

I have been an on-again and off-again fan of Yahtzee's cutting comedic game reviews since they first hit scene.

It's clear that he's got the timing and the comedy chops to make things work, but Zero Punctuation hasn't been a must watch for me now for months.

So I was happy to see that he's exploring new avenues for his take on video games. The latest avenue comes in the form of a television show on games and includes two new faces, Yug and Matt. Both of them, it seems, delightfully Australian.

I love the concept: Live Action Yahtzee, but this initial go seems to struggle a bit. Still, there are some genuinely funny moments and the intro is just astounding.

The show is currently looking for ad money or some network support to swoop in and gobble them up. I'd just say keep at it and hone those rough spots. Too bad the economy is in such a hole right now.

Game Damage


    I would have prefered some cheesy machinima instead of a cheap camera pointed at a couch...

    Play your strengths - you're gamers who know what you're talking about, not high budget film stars.

    Props for giving it a shot though...

    Yeah I agree, the reviews and the like were well written, but the presentation shows the ammateurish nature. Just stuff like Yahtzee reading the news and the camera having nothing better to do than reaction shots of Yug laughing made me cringe. Real news networks don't focus on the support reader while the anchor is talking for a good reason...

    The intro kicked arse though!

    Its a pilot guys, remember that ;)
    The production footage should look far nicer.

    I stayed up way too late last night watching this, it was pretty funny. Rough edges sure, but it kind of reminds me of Top Gear Australia- it'll improve with time as they get used to the format. I hope there's more!

    You're right about the reaction shots but still, that was entertaining. They should hand over the reigns to good game immediately.

    Honestly the show needs less Yahtzee, Yug is awesome and probbably the most charismatic presenter out of the 3 and Matt is one of the better writers. Yahtzee just kind of hogs all the attention from two people I'd much rather watch.

    Is it just me, or is this the most AU comments I've seen in the one place?

    I like the idea of that machinima thing though.. Maybe they could give it a go.

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