You Can Stop [email protected] Adult Videos But Not Macross?

Rui Saotome, the actress who blogged about her difficulties dancing in the now cancelled [email protected] porn parody, is back. She now blogging about yet another adult film parody. Dancing, too.

This time, Ms. Saotome is appearing as green-haired Ranka in a Macross Frontier send-up. She blogs:

Today, TMA filmed the Ranka from XXcross cosplay.

I was able to do the dance numbers without any problem thanks to everyone who supported me.

It was the first time I wore a wig, first colour contact lenses and first green eyebrows.

So everything else in the movie she had already done? (And bwah? Dancing?) Odd that TMA's [email protected] parody got shitcanned while this very blatant Macross Frontier adult movie grinds on. Sure, we don't know why that [email protected] parody was canned, but we can throw out educated guesses. The dancing? No. Fucking. Clue.

Pretty sure the Macross legal eagles are as good as the ones at Namco Bandai, so what gives?

Sidenote: Namco Bandai just released PSP title Macross Ace Frontier, so...

キラッ [ネコ耳ぱるふぇ]


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