Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #3

Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #3

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The submissions are now pouring in withyour tales of awesome gaming moments from this year. Keep ’em coming! Unsurprisingly, GTA IV has proven popular, so here are three entries all about good times in Liberty City.

Oh, and if you want to your favourite gaming moment of the year immortalised on a videogames blog, send it this way.

I was playing GTA IV on PC last night. I stole a 4WD and drove it at high speed down the street, my intention being to ram another car head-on and cause the other driver to come flying out their window to die on the pavement, which happens from time to time.

But I hit it at slightly the wrong angle, and their back tyre exploded. The person screamed, opened their door, and stepped out, but accidentally got set in fire. They died, and I watched the car burn for a minute, and decided it was safe to jack it.

I stepped into the car and it exploded in a ball of fire, throwing me out the front window. Haha. Gaming goodness!

Next there’s Tom Heath, showing himself to be a quick-thinking assassin:

I thought one of my best gaming moments this year was when I was playing GTA4 and I had to do one of the standard car chase kills. I was driving in the middle lane of the freeway behind the guy, leaning out the window and firing a sub-machine gun into his tires. Eventually his car actually caught fire and he bailed out of the vehicle and rolled towards my passenger door, and amazingly: he grabbed on to the handle!

So here I was, driving at breakneck speed down the freeway with my assassination target clinging for dear life on to my passenger door handle, and I had no idea what to do. I thought “how the hell am I gonna shoot him from here? I can’t lean out far enough to get a shot in!” But then I had a crazy idea. I slowly began to merge lanes, out of the middle lane and into the left lane. I slowly kept merging and basically squished the guy into the concrete divider on the edge of the freeway!

Then the mission complete text came up and it played the awesome music that just makes you feel like a total bad-ass. The reason I loved that moment was because it demonstrated how in GTA4 the missions can go down in so many different ways, and some of them can be amazing, action movie style, squishings!

And finally, we have Richard Woodall and his disturbing premonition of future family gatherings:

While it was far from being my favorite game of 2008, my favourite gaming moment was provided by the flawed beauty that is Grand Theft Auto IV. So here I was in a burger joint (I forget what part of town). I spot a grey haired biker dude who closely resembles my biker dude father-in-law. I giggle and point it out to my wife, who shares in my amusement.

Mincing about in the burger joint I happen across a darker haired biker dude who would pass as a reasonable interpretation of my father in law a decade ago. Again, amusement. The final discovery was a chilling portal into the future where a balding, rather fat biker dude strode in – perhaps a vision of my father-in-law in years to come?

With formalities out of the way I thought that some anarchy was in order – a couple of gut punches to future father started this out, and a cavalcade of his cloned buddies joined in and began to chase me out of the burger joint, down the street. Not to be phased by this horde of angry, angry men I stopped, turned slowly and pulled out a flame thrower. After setting one of my daddy clones on fire the entire group thought it would be best to get the hell out of dodge, leaving me victorious, amused, and slightly concerned.


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