Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #7


It's easy to write a list of your favourite games of the year. It's only slightly harder to provide a few reasons for your selection. But how about the one gameplay moment that encapsulates everything that was awesome about gaming in 2008?

Much harder. Which is why we'll publish yours if you send it to us. Maybe, like John here, you've felt genuine remorse for something you did in Fallout 3...

Thanks John!

Although GTAIV was loaded with note worth experiences, my most enduring gaming moment of 2008 was in Fallout 3.

While watching the mushroom cloud that was Megaton City rise from my vantage point from Tenpenny Tower, I was struck by the fact that for the first time in a game, my juvenile decision to be 'evil' had actual, in-game repercussions. Not just quests that I would never be able to complete, not just content I'd miss out on, but I actually felt like I'd lost something.

I'd never make idle small talk with the waitress at the food stand while eating my squirrel stew. I'd never see the gruff, mutant bartender ever again. I'd only been playing the game for a few hours and I'd already changed the entire landscape.

After being congratulated for my dastardly deed and accepting my 'reward', I killed Alistair Tenpenny and his off-sider. I went floor to floor, room to room of Tenpenny Tower and slaughtered every last inhabitant.

After that, I tried to make the 'right' decisions, and managed to finish the game with a 'neutral' karma. It wasn't as easy, but it was definitely more rewarding.


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