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  • This is kinda off-topic, but do you really need that “cross-hairs as mouse pointer” on the main page?

    It seems kinda buggy to me and doesn’t track very well. Annoying.

  • Wouldnt it be just easier to moderate the comments?

    Its pretty rare we get any more that 10 on any story anyway, and seeing no comments in the first place doesnt really encourage much participation.

    Also a sign-in system would be great (as is used on the US kotaku?), often i dont comment because i cant be assed to enter in all the fields everytime i have to say something, 50 percent of the time its impossible to see what the reCAPTCHA words are :\ (in this comment for example i have no fucking idea what the first word is)

    And yeh that crosshair is super unnecessary.

  • heh dont approve this comment, i just wanted to say despite those complaints, that David Wildgoose (you?) is awesome and should continue the great work. That last post was meant as constructive criticism.

  • Yeah definitely lose the crosshair. Changing my cursor is fucking annoying.

    Also, do you reckon you could fix up the US comments so that they’re threaded like on Kotaku US? They’re barely even worth reading in their current format.

  • I must go and see that new Tom Cruise movie….

    Oh and watch The Phone….but I don’t have Foxtel. Better buy Foxtel then.

    I really hope I win that Sony LCD TV too, so I can then watch Foxtel..and then buy the DVD of the new Tom Cruise film when it comes out.

  • Why didn’t you use a lifestyle shot for this post? I love them. And you are awesome Mr Wildgoose.

  • @Vuki

    You’re kidding? I thought it was a promo for Carnival to game on my Colecovision. Love me some duck gibz.

  • You really need to remove the stupid captcha thing is so god damn annoying!
    Half the time I dont bother commenting because of it and im sure if effects others also.
    The U.S site doesnt have it either which makes it even more stupid!

  • Two things:

    Firstly, do you really need to moderate and approve every post? The US site with substantially higher traffic (yet bugger all Aussie news) goes with accounts and banhammers, and it seem to work fine. There’s nothing in effect to stop people posting with my handle here, the captcha is nothing short of a pain in the ass and to be honest, I would be more likely to call the AU site home over the US site if posting replies wasn’t such a bloody chore. Sorry. Just being honest.

    If you’re that concerned about spammers hitting the site, elecet some volunteer mods here. I’m sure there’d be more than enough volunteers to help out.

    Second thing..yeah, lose the crosshairs. It’s tacky and makes the entire page into one of those “Hit the monkey and win an iPod!” ads.

    Ok. Done bitching now. Thanks for continuing to keep an eye on our interests though, gang.

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