AionGuard Is A New Game From The Makers Of Just Cause

Just Cause was fun! Fun in parts, anyway. Also had its fair share of problems. Rather than doing the old "we'll fix em for the sequel" thing, though, the developers are trying something different.

Avalanche are taking the genre they worked with on Just Cause, and scrapping the rest. No more islands, no more slick-back haircuts, no more parachutes. Instead, they're working on AionGuard, a new open-world game set in a fantasy universe.

You play a member of the AionGuard, valiant magic knight types who survive the end of the world and set about retaking said world. That means taking it back from the bad guys, region by region, with each region controlled by an enemy stronghold that has to be taken down.

Because the game's open world, however, you can do this however you like. You can run straight in and kill everything, or sneak around disrupting supply lines to weaken the base, or even enlist the help of local tribes. Whichever you like.

Sounds interesting. Plenty more to be found in this month's issue of Edge.

Just Cause dev's 'AionGuard' revealed [CVG]


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