Aliens: Colonial Marines Got QTEs, Custom Cover & Flashbacks

Details on Gearbox's Aliens shooter are thin. But excitement is thick. So let's address both those issues with this preview for the game, which touches on story, setting and the use of cover.

Originally appearing in PlayStation World UK, this preview - now up on Games Radar - reveals that the game is split into six chapters, and that in each chapter you'll be taking command of a different member of your six-man squad. Each mission, then, you'll be getting flashbacks and back-story on that particular marine, which should flesh out the story and give you plenty of chances to scream NNNOOOOOO when they inevitably start falling to the xenomorph's advances.

The preview also says that you'll be able to use adaptive cover in the game, ordering squadmates and other personnel to do things like weld entrances and move furniture to seal off (or just slow down) the aliens. And when they do get through? It's time for combat. Combat that isn't always a straight-up fight, and instead occasionally becomes a scripted, QTE bug hunt.

Full piece below.

Aliens: Colonial Marines [Games Radar]


    Oh, God. Why do they have to take a promising game idea and cripple it with QTEs? Developers, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!

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