Analyst Dates PlayStation 3 Price Drop For April

Microsoft says its anticipating a PlayStation 3 price drop in the "springtime," but what about the video game industry's best-known analysts? One has pegged Sony for a PS3 price cut as early as April.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has consulted the spirit world (and probably a spreadsheet or two, to be fair) bringing back word that he expects a US$299 PlayStation 3 to appear at retail in just three months. Again, not his job to officially date price cuts, but to make with the predictions.

And, given Microsoft's foreknowledge of said price drop, Mr. Pachter is supposing that Microsoft will undercut Sony once more, shedding US$50 from the Xbox 360 "Pro" model soon after Sony moves.

With Sony reported to show its first annual loss in 14 years, a price drop at this point might seem unlikely. But if the PS3 wants to step out of third place in this console generation, cuts are going to have to come.

Pachter: $299 PS3 due in April, $249 360 in June [GameSpot]


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