And The Best-Selling Game In Australia In 2008 Was…?

And The Best-Selling Game In Australia In 2008 Was…?


Wii Fit! Chart tracking GfK has slipped to Jason Hill a list of the best-selling games of last year. Cementing Nintendo’s stranglehold on gaming this generation, six of the top ten places went to Wii games, with a further two going to DS titles. That leaves just a couple of spots left over for the 360 and PS3… and you might be surprised by how that turned out.

1. Wii Fit – Wii 2. Wii Play – Wii 3. Mario Kart – Wii 4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – Wii 5. Grand Theft Auto IV – PlayStation 3 6. Grand Theft Auto IV – Xbox 360 7. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training – Nintendo DS 8. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – Nintendo DS 9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Wii 10. Big Beach Sports – Wii

[Australia’s best selling games of 2008]


  • I can only speak for my own experiences, but I know of two people who own a 360, and know ten who own PS3s. Maybe it’s just the crowds I mingle with, because I only knew one person with an xbox 1.. although that isn’t too unusual.

  • Lol I also have never heard of Big Beach Sports. Wii must be opening up whole new avenues for Gaming as between my friends we have 7 Xbox 360’s, 1 PS3 and 2 Wii’s. It must be an age thing whereby 18-25 year olds buy 360’s and everyone else gets Wii’s or something.

  • For those woudnerign where big beach sports came from, at EB we were givinig it away with the wii for a while, so that might help explain where it came from.

  • This reminds me of when the Sims was always the best selling game and i was thinking what is wrong with people 🙂 .Now wii fit has that honor and im still thinking what is wrong with people 🙂

  • No suprise. There are three of these in my “non-gamer” family. Think of it less as a games machine and more of a excercise infomercial fad. The Wii really benefits in these sort of numbered lists with their bundled games!

  • Wii Fit? Number one selling game and us Aussies are still overweight! Then again it’s not like Wii Fit actually helps you lose weight.

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