Ashcraft Talks Arcade Mania!

Over at Game Set Watch there's an exhaustive interview with our own Brian Ashcraft about his book, Arcade Mania!, containing more insight from Ash than I generally see over the course of a year.

Ashcraft is the night guy, so I generally roll into work right as he is hitting bed, and have finished up by the time he comes to work, so I hardly ever get to spend the amount of time talking with him as Crecente, Luke, and McWhertor generally do, so it's refreshing for me to see so much background info about the process of writing Arcade Mania!. From where the idea first originated to how he picked Player 9, the adorable little scamp addicted to Japanese collectible card arcade games. I didn't even know mini-Bash's real name. That's how little our time coincides.

Having read the book and now this lengthy interview, I now have a bit more insight into Ashcraft's passion for gaming than our divergent schedules ever allowed me. Nice to get to know him!

GameSetInterview: 'The Turbo-Charged Making Of Arcade Mania' [Game Set Watch]


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