AU Diary: Blobby-licious

AU Diary: Blobby-licious

de blob screenshot 20090129.jpg

I played De Blob for a few hours at a THQ press event last year prior to the game’s launch and loved it. When I picked up my Wii last week, this Australian-made platform/painting/rhythm game was always going to be high on the list of games I wanted to delve deeper into. So after polishing off Operation Anchorage yesterday afternoon, I settled in for some funky, blobby-licious action.

And I’m still in love with this game. It’s just so damn lovable. As with Katamari or Monkey Ball, the way De Blob himself moves provides much of the enjoyment. Even using the wiimote waggle to jump – despite numerous criticisms to the contrary – feels perfectly natural and somehow liberating, like you’re physically flinging him around. Or, as Nick Hagger from developer Blue Tongue described it to me, like you’re flicking paint across a canvas. It really does possess oodles of charm while being the kind of game that makes you use words like “oodles” without fear of embarrassment. Anyone who owns a Wii should go out and buy De Blob if you haven’t already.

Also, later this morning I’m heading out to an unnamed games publisher to see a brand new game. I can’t really say any more than that, but I’ll be needing my hat. For sun protection, of course.


  • De Blob…

    So, to digress – has anyone played the Fear 2 demo?

    Interestingly, after playing through the demo, a trailer for the game pops up. It seems to me that the blood/gore factor displayed here in the trailer is far greater than when you explodinate a Replica soldier in the actual demo. Anyone else notice that?

  • I’ve seen De Blob in the iPhone… it’s just not the same!

    Also, speaking of FEAR 2, where’s the interview transcript, Wildgoose? 😛

  • And not to mention deBlob can be found for as cheap as $29 in some places.

    Now David if we only knew what city you were in now, then we could deduce which publisher you were at 😛

  • @HotDamn!

    I did play the FEAR 2 demo, but I didn’t notice any difference in blood/gore factor. I was paying more attention to the fact that the sound cut out half way through the demo.

  • @ Daniel

    I’m in the city where (almost) all the publishers are based, so that probably doesn’t help you much.

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