AU Diary: Christian Slater Wannabe

AU Diary: Christian Slater Wannabe

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Skate 2 turned up in the post yesterday. Considering my previous experiences with similar games – in a nutshell, utter failure at the two Tony Hawk games I’ve tried and an embarrassingly inept attempt to play Aggressive Inline – I’m not sure I have what it takes. It’s a genre I simply don’t understand. Which is a shame because I dig the idea. Any advice for getting my head around something like Skate 2?

Besides that, I’m still plugging away at Fable 2. I bought my first house yesterday, the delightfully named Manure Manor in Oakfield. I opted for renting it out rather than moving in, but I wanted to see who my tenants were so I wandered inside and tried to engage them in “conversation”. As I danced, whistled and feigned to attack the residents, they grew increasingly agitated at my invasion of their privacy. Eventually they ran outside and called the guards. I ran, too, straight out of town.

I also downloaded the trial version of The Maw off XBLA. A charming blend of Kirby and Katamari is probably the most precise description I can give it. The titular Maw eats things to absorb their characteristics, allowing you to utilise these abilities to solve environmental puzzles. Once the Maw reaches a certain size – Katamari-style – the level’s complete. It seems like the perfect time of year for this kind of short-but-sweet game. I may be tempted to grab the full version later today…


  • Get on Youtube and look up some Real skateboarding videos… that will show u what can be done and how its meant to look… with that knowlage try skate 2… its basically a skating sim… Like NBA Live09 is a bbsim

  • Yeah, I was the same with Tony Hawk and I gotta say that Skate 2 has me hooked. I sat down yesterday expecting a short play and two hours later I was still skating around.

    I’d recommend taking on the races first, as they are a lot of fun. It’s also really easy to negotiate challenges as you can instantly teleport to them via the menu. Once you’ve done the races, just explore New San Van and find some Spots to ‘own’. That will keep you busy 😉

  • Well, I played the demo and can’t wait to pick up the full game. I would say, persevere with it. In my short time with the demo I went from “God, I feel like such a tool. I’m too old for this skateboarding lark” to “Aww yeah! Hey photographer guy, did you cath me busting out that sweet nosegrind? AWESOME!”.

  • give yourself plenty of time when approaching an object or whatever you plan on doing a trick on. stop pushing early to prepare for the ollie, this might sound obvious but any mates of mine that haven’t played it before struggle with this bit – they leave it too late (trying to get one last push in) and then ollie too late and hit the obsticle, also the longer you crouch for the higher you will ollie. the game is about momentum, not speed.

    the left stick is your body (turns, flips, slides etc.), the right stick is your feet (and different grab tricks) and the triggers are your hands (grabs).

  • Coming from a skateboard background it is one of the games I look forward to.

    Skateboarding is something that you do or don’t get. When you look at things as a skater, you look at things differently, almost like solving problems in your head “How can I ride that?” “What tricks would suit that bench/ledge”

    The Skate series brings this aspect to life more than Tony Hawk.

    So when you are in the game, get off your board, walk around and scope out in your head what you want to do before you actually do it.

  • The demo seemed a little off to me, but i will likely check it out.

    As far as advice? PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Try to leave yourself alot of time before ollying onto stuff, tony hawk was super forgiving for that.

    Once you get on a ledge just twirl the stick around 😛

    I had alot of trouble with the trick system in the first game, basically everything i did turned into a shove-it, it feels a little tighter this time.

  • EzyLee is right.
    See the line before u skate the line.

    And remember to much speed and to much height can be very dangerous! But good fun when the both of them come off! : )

  • spend your first 4 hours (at least) perfecting your flips/grinds/grabs/manuals, its important to get timing, execution, and landing right. from there, if you don’t have the desire/creativity/vision to enjoy the gameplay and environment of skating, it’s prob not for you.

    i think you need to understand that skating is a hard discipline, and this game simulates it well. it’s a game of rewarding moments.

    if this is missed on you, you can always race or find a good spot (there’s a wall with 3 holes just outside of GED high leading to a huge drop over the gate) and do all the hall of meat challenges. i wasted 3 hours last night working thru then, remarkably fun!

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