AU Diary: I Finally Bought A Wii


Satoru, you can stop looking at me like that. I've done what you asked. Like one million other Australians, I am now the owner of a Wii. And, well... it feels a little strange.

The first console I bought was the Super Nintendo back in - I think - 1993. Before that, my grandparents had an Atari 2600 that they used to amuse us kids during school holidays, while at home I did all my formative gaming on the PC and Commodore 64. But the SNES was special; my first console, the first games hardware I'd bought with my own money, and the home of Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, Mario Kart, Legend of the Mystical Ninja and many other classic games. So I've always had an affinity for Nintendo even through the darker days of the N64 (Super Mario 64, Ocarina, Mario Tennis, Goldeneye, Waverace) and the Cube (Sunshine, Monkey Ball, Metroid Prime), both of which I bought shortly after they launched.

The Wii, though? Something was always holding me back from taking that plunge. I'm an experienced or "hardcore" gamer and, although I'd enjoyed a number of Wii titles over the last couple of years, the perception remained that it simply wasn't for me. But of course, to do my job properly, I need to own all three consoles (and two handhelds and a PC) and I need to be sampling the best and worst of what each system has to offer. So I did it. I bought a Wii yesterday, and with it, copies of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. And now I want to ask you: what other games do I need to get? I'm thinking of picking up Wii Fit and No More Heroes, but what else should I investigate? What's on WiiWare? And, finally, what advice would you give to a new Wii owner?


    Dont know what to recommend, I havent touched my Wii since about a month after I bought it. The titles on it really just dont hold enough interest for someone like me.

    As it stands however... dont buy Wii Fit, its gimmicky drivel.

    Let the guys from Sarcastic Gamer give you the truth :P

    You really walked out of the shop without Mario Kart? O - M - G

    Seriously though, RE4 for Wii is the best version (only really worth it if you haven't played it or are particularly a fan of the series/game). Trauma Center: New Blood came out this week. Animal Crossing (if you're into that sortof game).

    Next month you've got House of the Dead: Overkill, Deadly Creatures (looks interesting imo) and Dead Rising.

    On another note, if you're in to them it seems as though some of the old point-and-click adventures style games like Runaway 2 and Broken Sword will be coming to the Wii.

    Barbie Horse Adventure: Summer Camp

    don't forget to grab a copy of legend of zelda twilight princess, metroid prime 3: corruption, super smash bros brawl. hmm for adive i would say, don't fall for the more gimmick style games unless they are truely worth it. As well as that, don't always spend your wii points on half decent games. only get the best! Other than that, remember to wear your wrist strap!

    I reccomend A Dragonball tenkaichi game. Nothing like having to motion the move of a kamehameha to actually pull one off..

    I'd invest in a good contingency plan for when you want to sell it in a few days time

    That fails, gets yourself Ghost Squad and play some good arcade shooting, and then wonder why SEGA put no effort into making the game run in widescreen. Ditto House Of The Dead.

    Wii Music. You know you must.

    DeBlob, it's cheap and entirely awesome - made here in AU, good for an Aussie Day weekend ;) - Trauma Centre New Blood is $49 this week at KMart and brand new and worth picking up.

    The titles you suggested in Wii Fit even if just for the balance board, and NMH are good.

    You may want to consider; Boom Blox, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii (online), World of Goo from the Wii Ware is also one to get.

    Sell your Wii once you've played the top tier games, like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Smash Brothers, that's my advice. My Wii sits abandoned because there's now nothing but shovelware crap out there. I remember when Nintendo used to have that Gold Seal of approval. That's out the window, apparently.
    Not to mention it looks crap through a hi-def TV, even through component cables. I may sound like a whining prick, but at the moment Nintendo seem happy to coast along by selling Wii units and little else. There was one dedicated Mario game for the Gamecube, and I won't be surprised if we only see one on this platform as well.
    Just download older Virtual Console titles and relive some great memories, that's all I can really use mine for these days.

    As quoted on Kotaku itself:

    "Where people go wrong in the casual market is that, while the development costs are exploding on the casual side, they’re treating the Wii like the old PC market – making cheap, accessible games. They think if they make ten titles and two are hits, they will finance the other eight. “But they forget these eight crappy titles will flood the market and will lead to problems in terms of production – and upset retailers. Also, the consumer will be pissed off because they’ll be confused.”

    I love you Nintendo, but you make me angry.

    Bah...don't get distracted by this Wii thingy, David. Where is our Fear 2 impressions damnit....and my afternoon coffee ;-)

    @ Daniel

    I've already got De Blob (thanks THQ!) and I'll be reviewing Trauma Centre for the Official Nintendo mag.

    Boom Blox is one I'd forgotten, but neither Smash Bros nor Mario Kart really appeal - I've never liked the former while I think I've played enough of the latter series over the years.

    Endless Ocean looks interesting. Anyone have some thoughts on that?

    One word. Homebrew.

    Buy zelda (its a lot better than people give it credit for anyway) and use the twilight hack to play backups, roms and wiiware.

    Even if you don't want to keep the downloaded backups you can just use it to test games and see whats good.

    Other than that:
    SSB: Brawl, RE4, Zach and Wiki, bomberman wiiware, NOT wii music.

    No More Heroes is awesome, trademark SUDA 51 stuff. Best implementation of Wii controls I've seen yet as well.

    Okami is definitely worth a look for the adventure side of things if you haven't already played the PS2 version.

    Metroid Prime 3 is an often overlooked 'good Wii game'. Not as 'Metroidy' as the previous outings, but a fantastic game nonetheless, and looks pretty nice too. I'm not sure why people don't bring this game up more when they're talking about Wii graphics.

    Beneath all the shovelware on the Wii, there are a few great games. It's a shame with all that potential the console has, Nintendo itself seems content with putting out games like Wii music and forgetting all about their core gaming crowd.

    A dust cover should be your next purchase. Snarf.

    Then I think you should get, or at least play, Boom Blox. As others have mentioned, RE4 is well worth it, even if you have played the GC/PS2 versions, as well as Metroid. Don't bother with Mario Kart (yeah, you heard me), nor Smash Bros (oh I went there).

    That's a pretty piss poor line-up, isn't it?

    @ Wildgoose

    My boss(es) absolutely love Endless Ocean, and one of them is a fairly 'hardcore' gamer as well. They love the element of exploration the game provides and they have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I think it looks like a bit of a wank, but I haven't played it yet.

    Hmmm, to be honest the most fun I’ve had with my wii is playing stuff with my fiancé and keeping us both entertained when i have to spend 'quality time' with her. As previously stated 90% of wii titles are pointless shovelware or complete and utter tripe so yeah... My advice would be to get ur wife / girlfriend/ fiancé involved and create some happy memories playing fun fun minigolf or Mariokart (it has to be noted that my fiancé looks adorable waving that steering wheel around like her life depended on it) ;)

    the wii is the system for games - easily. look out for exclusives like Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter Tri, Tenchu, and many more.

    News Channel + toasted sandwiches.

    I've got Endless Ocean and I really enjoy it but I'm part of the market it's aimed at. I'm female and a casual gamer. I find the game really relaxing after a tough day. I enjoy it's non-linear gameplay and the exploration. There are some fantastic little places that make you feel like you've really discovered something facinating. Little trinkets found on the sea floor enhance the explorer feel by adding a bit of treasure hunter in there.

    There's some silly things in there too. For example the fact that you find whales/dolphins in some of the silliest places. And the fact that gigantic sea/land creatures seem to regularly find their way onto your deck. The Walrus was a bit of a shock.

    It's not the sort of game you play to "score points" so I'm unsure it would appeal to a hardcore gamer. I don't really obsessively rub fish until I have all three info points unlocked. I'm generally pretty happy once I've just got it's name.

    Endless ocean is pretty much what it appears to be a dive simulator nothing more and nothing less.

    As far as WiiWare goes, try Lost Winds. Very original. Keep in mind its not very long, but its cheap, and worth every cent, in my opinion.

    Look at all the trolls come out to play, must be because they don't play games any more just sit on the internet and bitch about them instead.

    Don't listen to the haters, buying the Wii now is a great time there is 2 years of AAA games to fall back into and 2009 is looking great.

    Just because the console has a shit load of shovelware doesn't mean you have to buy it or play it. I mean the PS2 has just as much crap on it as the Wii but it also the the AAA to back it up too, but we don't see people ragging on that.

    I wouldn't/couldn't recommend owning just a Wii this generation, but as David says he has the others and the Wii has plenty of games to play along with the other consoles. The only way you could really complain is if you only own a Wii and don't have a job, seriously there is too much out there on all consoles to bitch about "no games to play.

    That's all I gotta say >_>

    No more heroes, metroid prime 3, zelda, resident evil are all good. Umbrella chronicles is a solid arcade shooter, and as for wiiware, try bomberman blast or strongbad's cool game for attractive people.

    No More Heroes, Zack & Wiki and World of Goo are all worthy games.


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