AU Diary: Trauma Centre Is Stressing Me Out


I thought Wii games were meant to be casual and accessible? Because, frankly, Trauma Centre: New Blood (out last week) is anything but. With a host of different surgical tools to use and even more medical conditions to encounter, remembering which does what is hard enough. But to do so while the patient's vitals are dropping at an alarming rate puts me into a state of panic I've rarely experienced in a game.
I'll even admit the Normal difficulty was too much for me. After losing the same patient a dozen times in succession, I felt no shame in knocking it down to Easy. Even then it took another six or so attempts to proceed. Hardcore gamers bemoaning the lack of challenging titles on the Wii would do well to check this out.

I think I need a breather, something to help me relax. That Resident Evil 5 demo is just what the doctor ordered.


    You were just never cut out to be a doctor. Back to art school, n00b!

    Just don't play the DS one then on the hardest levels, you'll be needing two styli to even finish it.

    I had a similar problem with the original game on the DS. It was all fun until you started getting stupidly difficult and frankly retarded surgeries where you had mutant monster things eating people's hearts and whatnot. It ceased being enjoyable and became stupidly stressful.

    And in the end, it ended up being one of the many unfinished games on my shelf. :(

    People wonder why these games don't sell well.

    So I reply, "Why am I still seeing ads for Wii Sports, Wii Music and all the other shovelware, and not for good games like this?"

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