Aussie Sports Star Thanks Age Of Empires

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Ryan Tyack led out the Australian team at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney last night. Ryan's chosen sport is archery and he's pretty good at it; he was a reserve for the archery team at the Beijing Olympics. What's interesting is how he got into the sport.

"I just sat around playing Age of Empires all the time and my mum wanted me to do a sport and meet some kids," Tyack told the SMH. "So I chose either fencing or archery as Age Of Empires had swordsmen and archers."

So there you go, kids. When your parents start nagging you about all that time you spend playing videogames, pause for a moment and consider where it could take you. Wii Sports is obvious, but how about that love of Mirror's Edge transforming you into a hurdling champion? Or Oblivion leading you to taking up the equestrian?

Has a game ever got you interested in a sport or activity you'd otherwise never have considered?

[Computer games lead the way to Olympic archery]


    AoE II, great game.

    Leisure Suit Larry inspired me to take up...

    There should be more of these sort of press releases coming from the world of Aussie sport.

    @ David R

    Like "Barry Hall Thanks Street Fighter" or "Ben Cousins Thanks GTA"

    Man, Civilization taught me everything.

    good play

    The Curse of Monkey Island taught me the importance of consuming vitamin C. Now I always eat oranges to avoid getting scurvy. This may not be a sport, but it is a life-changing activity.

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