Baltimore Pol Indicted Over PS2 Controller

In part. One of 12 counts against Charm City's Mayor accuses her of soliciting donations of gift cards for the needy over the holidays, then using them to buy a PSP and a PS2 controller.

Sheila Dixon's facing a 12-count indictment handed down by a Baltimore grand jury, alleging perjury, official misconduct, fraud and theft, among other things. The games relevant rap involves asking developers doing biz with the city to donate some gift cards through her office. According to the indictment, she used one or some of them to buy a PSP and the controller, which she either kept or gave to staff members.

The accusation says she got a shitload of other stuff from the unnamed developers — and not of the games variety. Like a mink coat, swanky digs during a New York stay, and some debt relief for credit card bills racked up in a shopping spree. But like Al Capone with income taxes, it sounds like a $20 DualShock gets some of the credit for her undoing, should it come.

Dixon is Baltimore's first indicted mayor. Her hairdo's not as good as Rod Blagojevich's.

Baltimore Mayor Allegedly Bought Game Systems With Gift Cards Meant for Needy


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