Bargain Hunter: 360/PS3 Bundles Ahoy!

Bargain Hunter: 360/PS3 Bundles Ahoy!

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Couple of decent console bundles currently on offer at EB. First there’s the Xbox 360 Elite, which usually goes for $549, but now includes a copy of Far Cry 2 for just $499. So basically EB is paying you $50 to play my game of the year.
They’re also offering an 80GB PS3 with three pretty solid games in Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank and Prince of Persia for $729. No date is given for when these will end, just the usual “while stocks last” proviso.


  • This PS3 deal is an extension of the next PS3 deal that Sony has to replace the “LBP, ABBA Singstar, Pacific Rift or Resistance”
    deal. According to what the Sony rep told me, they will be offering your choice of 2 platinum games (including GT5 Prologue which should be platinum soon) for free with a console purchase.

    This should be going ahead after the old deal finishes which was extended from the 21/1 to 8/2.

    So essentially you’re paying $29 extra to get Prince of Persia. Sounds like a good deal to me.

  • I bought a PS3 last Nov/Dec and paid $598 with Resistance 2 (It was from the usual choice of games). It’s the best deal I’ve seen and I’ve seen it pop up a few times since. Keep an eye out

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