Believe, There Will Be New Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six

According to sources speaking to CVG, Ubisoft are planning to release new versions of both Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six this year. Try and regain your composure from the shock of it all to read on.

Yes, after lacklustre, lazy previous outings for both brands, new games in the series are to be shown off this year. Far be it from us to play the prophet, but if both games don't turn up as reboots for the franchises, we'll eat our soft, purple prophet's turbans.

Ubi readies new Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six [CVG]


    They need to bring back the old gr days. Back when TeamCompete had like 5 billion clans and ghost recon was the best online multiplayer game the xbox had to offer. They need to drop that jump in and play crap cus they're holding the noobs hand too much, Who cares if it's not a game for everyone, make it for the people who care about the franchise!

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