Blizzard Can't Design A Starcraft II Unit, Want You To Decide

Blizzard are in a pickle! They've got two designs down on paper for the game's Protoss Dark Templar unit. And just can not decide which one to use in the game. So they want you to.

For the next month or so, visitors to the game's official website will be able to cast their vote for which of the two designs they prefer: Veil Face, or Bug Face. We're partial to Veil Face ourselves, Bug Face brings is cuts a little too close to the General Grievous bone.

[Starcraft 2]


    I reckon the last option.

    3) Both

    The one on the left looks like a warp-spider crossed with predator and the one on the right looks like a covenant elite.

    Can blizzard come up with one fucking original idea?

    The models look similar to the ones in the original star craft which did come out years before halo btw so you can think more of bungie ripping off predator and blizzard

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