Blizzard: We Probably Over-Nerfed Hunters

For once, hunters actually have a reason to whine! In a blue post in the official World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard poster GhostCrawler admitted that they "probably" over-nerfed the Beast Mastery specialisation.

It takes a big company to admit they might have been wrong, and Blizzard isn't exactly famous for doing so, but here we have it, in black and blue. The reply came in a thread on the official forums titled, "[Hunter]BM and MM are broken". At first the blue posters were standoffish, but eventually the truth came out.

We talked about it a great deal today and agreed that we probably over-nerfed BM. Marks is in a good spot and Survival might be too high once we look at the changes we are making to all other classes. Our plan is to buff BM before Ulduar, but I can't give you a timetable more detailed than that, and things could change for any number of reasons.

Hooray! The Beast Masters shall rise once again! Of course they're also looking to nerf the Survival specialisation, but who really cares about those guys?

Blizzard: We Nerfed Hunters Too Hard


    Cryptic nerd speak is the biggest reason I left wow and mmos in general. As a society what the fuck are we doing?

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