Braid Creator Now Working on 2D RPG?

That's one nugget in a four-page interview Jonathan Blow gave to Gamasutra. But he's not sure if he'll end up finishing it:

"My newest game I started is looking very promising. I'm very excited to do it. But if the patterns of history continue, then I may not be working on it a month from now, so I don't want to start telling people about it," he said. While he said it's a 2D role-playing game, it sounds like his project schedule can get turned on its head at any time, and he'd ending building "a Pac-Man clone or something." Yes, but it would certainly be the most critically acclaimed Pac-Man clone or something, that's for sure.

Jonathan Blow: The Next Phase [Gamasutra via Xbox 360 Fanboy]


    What was the point of posting this story? If you read the full article on Gamasutra, this is hardly the most important part. And the interviewer really pushed this out of him as he didnt really wanna say anything because as he said, its highly likely nothing will come of it.

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