Braid Theme Costs Money, Braid Developer Sorry

The Xbox 360 has "premium themes", which will tart up your 360's menu in exchange for money. A premium theme based on Braid has just been released, and costs money. And Braid's creator is sorry.

Sorry that it costs you money, anyway (it's a nice enough looking theme). Writing on the game's blog, creator Jonathan Blow excuses the corporate intrusion, saying:

Unfortunately, we had to charge the standard Premium Theme price of 250 Microsoft Points (which is about $3.10 in American money). We want to make it free, but Microsoft doesn't like giving things out for free. But if you do buy it, you can be secure in the knowledge that you own one of the few Premium Themes that is not an advertisement — there is no text in the Braid theme anywhere. (Seriously, Microsoft, what is with the Subway: Eat Fresh Theme?)

But Jonathan, what if we want to see Tim shilling a meatball six-inch?

There's now a Braid dashboard theme on the Xbox 360 Game Marketplace. [Braid]


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