Breaking News: Nintendo Games Not A Substitute for Reading a Book

A Carlsbad, New Mexico mother is fighting mad. Turns out that video games make her 5-year-old have panic attacks and, get this, they're not a good replacement for reading books or playing outside.

The Isabelle Clingerman tells the local news there that while her 9-year-old, who owns more than 40 Nintendo games, can play the games to his hearts content, her 5-year-old has panic attacks and experiences hand pains after just 30 minutes of gaming.

And this is when it gets interesting. Clingerman says she is returning her son's "Nintendo" back to the store:

"I can't recommend this game to any parent," she said. "It's not a substitute for reading a book or doing an outdoor activity with your child."

Carlsbad Mum Says Nintendo Video Game Made Son Sick [CBS 8]


    ZOMYGOD REALY!!!!??????? NO Way I C BELEAVE That GAMe HelpS EngliSH.

    At least in Mexico they don't let people that stupid make decisions.

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