Bungie Relaxes Halo 3 Push To Talk Restrictions

And here I thought no one was listening. In Bungie's latest weekly update Urk reveals that the push to talk feature in Halo 3 is getting a bit less restrictive.

Since the game was launched, any player on a team larger than four had to press the d-pad in order to talk during a match. Now Bungie is upping the limit to 6-player teams, meaning that only people playing in Social Big Team matches need worry about pushing the button. Bungie does warn that this could result in increased lag for some players, not to mention increased chances of being completely trashed by your teammates when you do something wrong, as I am prone to do.

Incidentally, some of us who might not be keen to read instructions never knew you had to push to talk and therefor thought everyone was just ignoring him. The more you know...

Bungie Weekly Update: 01/02/09 [Bungie.net via GameCyte]


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