But Can You Spot The X-Blades Boxart Discrepancy?

Apparently the Xbox 360 and PS3 X-Blades box art are different? NSFW, even, someone somewhere said. We can't tell, there's got to be something.

Please, please help us get to the bottom of this. We'd like to crack this case. Cheeky of us to ask, I know.

X-Blades PS3 and X-Blades Xbox 360 [Ubisoft via はちま起稿]


    top right corner, next to the X

    The panties on them are different. The X-box one looks like a g-string

    Sure you haven't noticed the panties in each?... I'm sure you have. But if you seriously haven't, then I think you will now.

    The chick on the Xbox cover is wearing a g-string and the ps3 is panties... ok i admit im a perv

    What's funny that the PS3 Version looks better anyway. It Looks sexier, not skankyer. ...Skankya?

    Of course they know duh.

    Please, please help us get to the [b]bottom[/b] of this. We'd like to [b]crack[/b] this case. [b]Cheeky[/b] of us to ask, I know

    You can bet your bottom dollar this will sell in Japan!

    Funny, thing is, in Japan they're probably saying Wow, on the PS3 version you can SEE HER PANTIES. The G-Rated XBox version hides them away so as not to offend little kiddies.

    Too bad the in-game art is absolutely HIDEOUS. As is the norm when people with little experience in the 'manga' style try their hand at it...

    haha, how could i not see that one. That was like the first thing that i noticed BEFORE actually reading the headline!

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