Call Of Duty Activity Book Teaches Kids The Horror Of Franchises

You may have seen these things - put together by The Minus World - before. There's a Resident Evil one and a Grand Theft Auto one. This one's for the Call of Duty series.

It's designed to help teach kids important things about war! Like nazi zombies, and abstract notions of "prestige". If you're a parent, and want to give your kids a head start in the race to learn more about these essentials, check out the full book below.

The Call Of Duty Activity Book For Kids [TMW]


    That is so funny...


    I kinda feel like this is a post WW2 propoganda with zombies instead of real people as the bad guys.

    Anyway I think this is more of a history of Propoganda

    Like lying to the people that we are doing good things around the world and not letting us know about what really happens over there...

    War...ho...what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!!!

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