Capcom Says “No Street Fighter IV Delay In Australia”

Capcom Says “No Street Fighter IV Delay In Australia”

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Capcom fans can breathe easy again. With local distributor Red Ant going into administration this week, the future looked uncertain. But Capcom’s European office has been quick to reassure us that the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and other titles will not be affected. No delays or anything. Now, that’s good news.

Certain recent news reports have speculated that owing to the financial status of Red Ant, Capcom’s distributor in Australia, that the release dates of Capcom’s forthcoming titles in this territory may be delayed. Capcom would like to state it does not expect any such delays and to reconfirm the following release dates: Street Fighter IV (PS3&360) – February 20th, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Nintendo Wii) – February 27th, Resident Evil 5 (PS3 & 360) – March 13th. Future titles such as MotoGP (Nintendo Will) and Neopets Puzzle Adventure (DS, Wii & PC) are all scheduled to release in line with other PAL territories.

Kind Regards
Capcom’s European PR Team


  • That and the local PR person/team either: 1. Was so bad they nevr bothered to respond to this local news, … 2. Has already been laid off, … 3. Never existed in the first place (most likely?).

  • Paulus, there are shit games released every week. I’m not greatly interested in that game either. But i’ve got a novel idea for you, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Pretty simple, you Pinhead!!!

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