CES 09: Hands On With The Wii... Err, Eee Stick

ASUS hears your cries, PC gamers. They know you're not content with keyboard and mouse controls, that you're desperate to get your hands on a faux Wii-remote to control the seven games that support it.

They realise that you want motion control, but that you want it to be far less functional than the standard Wii remote. Thanks to the Eee Stick, which the hardware manufacturer announced in August, you can experience the thrill of tilting things to control on-screen objects.

We got a chance at CES to go hands on with the Eee Stick, which outdoes Nintendo in the colour department by offering the device in more than one color.

Unfortunately, during our extended play time with Astro Avenger II, we weren't too impressed. Why? Not only does the Eee Stick appear to determine the zero state position based on how it's being held when booted up, it's amazingly frustrating to use. Even in 2D, we found our spaceship floating its way into the upper right corner, with no amount of effort able to pull it back out. Fun!

Curiously, the one title that would appear to be the best fit for the Eee Stick, Sega's Bass Fishing, seemed to take no advantage of the motion control aspects.

We're not aware of ASUS's plans to bring the device stateside to Australia, but, if they don't plan to, we can't say you're missing much.


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