CES 09: Microsoft Responds To Sony's Console Add-On 'Peddling' Claims

Earlier this week, Sony sent us an oddly timed media bulletin, trumpeting the PlayStation 3's value versus the Wii and Xbox 360. It also accused Nintendo and Microsoft of "peddling add-ons." What say you, Microsoft?

"First, I would say we absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony," said Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360. "We feel like being half the price of the PS3 served us quite well this holiday."

"The fact that we're doing this at half the price of their platform, we feel confident that we're delivering great value," he added. "I believe that we deliver more value for games and entertainment than any other platform on the market."

Speaking to Greenberg at CES this morning, he expressed Microsoft's anticipation that the sub-US$200 price point will give the Xbox 360 the majority of its sales. Greenberg namechecked Sony's success with the PlayStation 2 at the more mass market price, hoping to emulate its last-gen success.

"At the end of the day, consumers vote with their dollar," Greenberg said, adding that he expects to see Microsoft's console sales in December show growth over its 2007 performance, in anticipation of NPD sales data. "I don't think people take comparison grids into retail stores."

"I would rather talk about why you should buy our console than why you shouldn't buy the competitor's system."

We'll have more from our interview with Aaron Greenberg at CES later.


    well, given the age group of a lot of gamers i understand why people attack 'enemy' manufacturers. it is surprising to see group product managers do the same thing though. - i would never contemplate publically slating a competitor, but that said my customers are in their 50's, so it probably wouldnt have the same effect. holy crap, the 2 word spam blocker requires an umlaut, how do i do that?

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